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Where Do I Find A Music Publicist For Hire

You’ve released your mixtape, you’ve built your following on social media now you’re ready to get in front of the media and perhaps even some brands so you feel as if you’re finally ready to hire a music publicist. Here are a just a few places you can begin when looking for your next music publicist:

Record Label

If you’re fortunate enough to be signed to a major label, you’ll probably have access to a publicist. It will probably cost you an additional fee; however, most labels want to make sure they have their hands in your pot in every aspect so if you’re signed take an advantage of the resources the label provides.

Ask Your Friends 

You will really be surprised how skilled those around you are. In my personal experience I have encountered countless Public Relations professionals who are just dying to get back into the industry but because of it’s competitive nature have been unable to do so. Before you begin to invest your money into hiring a large PR agency ask around and make sure there aren’t people in your inner circle who may can provide services to you at a much lower cost.

Industry Networking Events

Everybody these days are considering themselves music industry professionals so if you’re interested in finding your next publicist consider attending an industry networking event. Social media and event brite are a great starting point when attempting to identify these events.

Think Outside The Box

Sometimes hiring a music publicist isn’t just as simple as finding someone who only focuses on music. In fact, consider looking for a publicist who has no experience in music at all but has a huge media database. PR is all about relationship building and if a publicist lacks experience in music but has the relationships that can land you press, don’t be afraid to have a conversation with them.

Post A Job On Indeed

If you really want to get a huge pool of candidates you may want to consider posting a job on Indeed.com. By posting on Indeed not only are you sure to get a wide array of candidates but you are also guaranteed to get a diverse group as well that may come closer to meeting you at your needs.

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