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How does a press release work?

Welcome to the 24-hour news cycle, where daily newspapers, round-the-clock TV stations and thousands of news blogs compete to feed our voracious appetite for the latest, most engaging and most outrageous news.

Every day isn’t a big news day, so journalists sometimes scramble to fill airtime and column space with fresh and timely stories. That’s where press releases come in.

Examples of press releases include:

  • A company opens a local branch, bringing new jobs
  • A nonprofit organization sponsors a nationwide service project
  • An author publishes a new book on a hotly debated topic
  • University scientists announce study results
  • A theater group performs its new play
  • An automotive manufacturer announces a new model with high-tech features

Public relations (or PR) professionals write press releases to catch journalists’ attention, which will hopefully result in a widely read or viewed story that enhances the client’s image.

Full Article found here: https://money.howstuffworks.com › Money › Business › Business Communications

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