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3 Reasons Why Your New Website Sucks!

You have dished out hundreds, thousands and in some extreme cases millions of dollars on your company’s brand new website, you are thrilled beyond measures and feel as if you are finally taking your company’s marketing strategy to the next level. Weeks pass by. Months pass by. Nothing happens. Suddenly that beautiful website you have created seems as if it has no value and now you’re wondering why you wasted your money investing in a website that seems to have no real return on investment(ROI). As a business owner myself I understand how hard it can be to watch your money go down the drain. Trust me, we’ve all been there; however, before you begin pointing your fingers at your website here are 3 reasons why having a website isn’t a real marketing strategy.

No One Knows You Have a Website

Believe it or not, word of mouth is still one of the best ways you can tell others about your business and or company. While we do live in a digital world that has become reliant on technology, it should not be an excuse for you not to openly tell people what services you offer. Don’t be led to possibly believe that just because you have a website people will suddenly be able to find you. In fact, the opposite may be true. As a new business online you are now competing with millions of other companies who are all trying to reach the computers or mobile devices of consumers just like you. Suddenly, marketing your business has now become ten times harder, especially if you’re not intentional with your strategies.

Your Business Objectives Aren’t Clear

What does your business do? What do you offer? Where do you see your business in 6months? 1 year? 2 years? If you don’t have the answer to these questions, you don’t have clear business objectives. Without clear business objectives you cannot adequately begin to market your website or your business. In fact, before you even create a website you should be somewhat clear on what direction your company is moving in. If you’re not clear, your customers won’t be either.

You Have a Poor SEO Strategy

SEO is short for search engine optimization. Many of my friends and family have been led to falsely believe that SEO simply means paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for people to buy traffic and links to your website and while that may be a temporary fix, it’s not going to give you quality results. This is where a SEO Copywriter steps in, we work with you one on one to help you and your business devise a SEO strategy that will help your customers and consumers find you more easily via Google and other relevant search engines.

Want to get started on the journey to making your website worth the money you’ve already spent? Schedule a 15minute consultation with me today!

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