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How To Create Your Freelance Writing Portfolio in Under 5 Minutes

Prior to jumping into freelance writing full time I used to struggle trying to create my writing portfoilo. For so many years as a professional millenial job hunter (yes this is a thing) I had grown so accustomed to carrying around a physical copy of my portfolio that I didn’t have a clue what to do when people started asking for my digital portfolio as a writer.

For weeks I tried (and failed) at making an amazing website and finally begain using an amazing writing portfolio website called Contently thanks to a presentation that MyCool King did at the #ISUM16 last year and it changed my life.

Contently was literally created for people just like me who have written across the web and were tired of having to link to several resources in order to provide samples. Contently literally asks what places you have written for and does a search for your name and uploads them to your profile. The best part? It’s all done automatically. Within 5 minutes my writing portfolio was done and I didn’t have to waste any time doing it.

Thank me later.

Want to learn more about my freelance journey? Follow me on twitter. If you want to hire me? Email me. Want to see my profile on Contently? Here you go: https://stephaniercaudle.contently.com

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