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How To Find A Music Publicist For Hire

Spotify. Tidal. Apple Music. The list goes on and on of some of the top music platforms available in the world. With so many platforms, music artists are looking left and right for ways that they can better monetize their brands outside of music and quite frankly it’s becoming more challenging than ever.

As a former record label publicist I know first hand how challenging how hard it can be for an artist to generate the type of publicity they desperately need in order to sell records especially when social media has become the noisy place it is today that’s why I take pride in working one one with clients to help them determine the best strategy that will not only land them in the media but will drive even more awareness about their brands.

Want to learn more?What are you waiting on? Contact me now to schedule your free 15 minute consultation to learn how I may be the publicist you’re looking for. Make sure you use put the subject: Free PR Consultation.

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