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Stop Making Excuses, Here’s How You Can Start Securing Media Placements TODAY!

As an SEO Copywriting and Media Placement Expert I receive countless emails daily from individuals willing to go above and beyond in order to receive media placement online. This in part has become a trend thanks to our good friends at Google who for years have been using online media mentions as part of their algorithms when determine which websites should and should not be ranked. The easy way(and I use that word loosely) to gain instant media online placement success is to simply pay for it. Yes, pay for it. There are thousands of underpaid writers and journalists who for a small or large cost will give you the online media attention you feel your company deserves. Sometimes I still can’t believe that’s a thing and on other days, I totally get it. “Writing for exposure” doesn’t pay the bills. While paid media placement for companies is continuing to increase in popularity, it is not a trend that I recommend for my clients of numerous reasons. One, it’s unethical and two it eliminates the critical component of relationship building. Because of this I have concocted a proven strategy on how you secure media placement for clients (without breaking the bank to pay for it!)

Guest Posting

Make a list of 10–15 online media platforms that you believe has the audience you are hoping to reach. Once you have made that list visit each one of their sites and determine if they offer any guest posting opportunities. If you can’t see any available guest posting opportunities, shoot the editor an email and ask.

Guest posting on someone else’s site will help you gain notoriety in someone else’s community while also positioning you as an expert in your given industry.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

As a freelance reporter I have spent many days utilizing HARO in an effort to receive quotes and tips from experts that I can later use in my news pieces. Because of this it has also been my go to resource as a media placement expert. Each morning and afternoon I sift through the results that HARO generates for me and determine which one of my clients may be a fit for a particular journalist’s requests. Best of all? Signing up for HARO is completely free and can be done by clicking this link.


Believe it or not, as a business one of your greatest social media assets is Twitter. Much like HARO many journalists often run to Twitter first when seeking out quotes specifically for breaking news stories. You can receive some of these requests by doing a quick search of the hashtag #journorequests.


Another great way to increase your online media placements is by offering scholarships to local college and high school students. Scholarships are one of the greatest ways for you and your business to give back to the community in which you serve in. By offering scholarships you will have the opportunity to post your scholarship opportunity in newspapers, magazines and even on college websites increasing not only your SEO ranking but also your viability in the community.

Hire Me!

I have lots of other amazing tips that can help you secure online media placements but let’s face it. You probably don’t have time to do it all on your own. That’s what I am here for. I will work with you and your company one on one to help you secure media placements locally and nationally without you ever having to worry about engaging in unethical practices. Contact me today to learn more.

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