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3 Places To Find an SEO Copywriter For Your Company (Spoiler: A Career Site Isn’t One Of Them)

As a Marketing Director, Entrepreneur and or CEO you have probably heard the oversaturated phrase that,’Content is King’ for quite a few years now. ‘Content is King’ was first heard in 1996 by Bill Gates when he saw into the future that content would someday consume the world. This was years before Google, WordPress, Facebook, Youtube and even Linkedin had ever even surfaced. Now, years later it appears that Mr. Gates was right.

Today, more than ever companies are making an even bigger push towards all types of content including social media content, video content, written content and most popularly, SEO content.

To those who are still unfamiliar with the power that lies behind SEO content it is defined as any content created with the goal of attracting search engine traffic.While creating SEO content may sound relatively easy it is actually composed of three working parts that all must be effectively executed in order for your content to convert website visitors to buying customers. These 4 parts include but are not limited to:

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Content Organization
  • Content Promotion

Identifying how and when to create the content is the easiest part for most key decisions makers; however, many companies find themselves in distress time and time again because they keep hiring poor talent. As a piece of advice, a good SEO copywriter will often times not be found in your resume submission inbox. In fact, as a decision maker you have an increased chance of finding your perfect content writer if you don’t post it as a ‘job’ at all. Here are 3 places you should look when attempting to find an SEO Copywriter.


Linkedin is home to thousands of business professionals from across the world including freelance writers who are always interested in exploring new copywriting opportunities. One simple search utilizing the words ‘SEO Copywriters’ will instantly lead you to thousands of writers who could potentially be the perfect match for your business. Consider Linkedin as the match.com for businesses.

Network Referrals

Have you noticed that your friends, families or colleagues’ businesses have suddenly shot up in Google/Bing rankings? Have you noticed that the content on their website is now more compelling than ever? Inquire about the content writer or agency that helped them get their website intact. You are more likely to have a better experience from utilizing your network referrals than you would be accepting a blind proposal from someone who may or may not deliver on their promises.

Right In Front Of You!

With over 10 years of experience in content writing and 5+ years exclusively in SEO copywriting. I am here to help you create content that helps you increase website traffic, convert new users into customers and help secure customer retention. I have created digital products that have lead to media placement, website copy, e-books and a host of other content pieces that have helped increase sales for my customer by 95%. Want to learn more? Schedule your FREE 15minute consultant meeting with me now: https://doodle.com/stephaniecaudle

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