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Why Freelance Writers Are The Real MVPs

What do you do all day? I couldn’t believe my ears. How dare could someone near and dear to me ask me such a rude and presumptious question. “What do I do?” I repeated back to them to make sure I had heard correctly and their lack of response told me I had. I work hard, REAL HARD.

You see there is this misconception about the world of freelancing that I’m not really sure I understand. For whatever reason people have this misconception that freelancers just sit around their homes and paint their nails all day while the rest of the world works hard to make a living when in fact, the total opposite is true. At least for me.

My days start at 4:00 am and generally end around 7:00pm and what I do during that time period is churn out content that you are probably reading on your favorite e-commerce site, law site, technology site or maybe even the content you’re reading on your menu at dinner(menu writers is a job you know).

For whatever reason people seem to think that content just creates itself, like somehow we all magically wake up one morning and the news that you obsessively check every morning before work just appears thanks to modern day technology(yeah this is not how this works).

Many freelance writers are underpaid and overworked and while many of us signed up for this life, there’s really no excuse as to why we shouldn’t be fairly compensated; after all, 99.9% of us know EVERYTHING that we know thanks to some content writer who crafted information for either you to read or for some teacher to teach to you.

So if you’re wondering what do I do all day? The answer is quite simple, I work all day to make information more accessible to you.

Say thank you or at least pretend to have some compassion on us.


Freelancers Everywhere

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