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How To Survive Writer’s Block as a Freelance Writer

I eat, sleep and breathe freelance writing.


Sunday-Thursday and sometimes Friday and Saturday I can often be found with my pen and paper composing content for my clients or writing these blog posts here on Medium.

I am a firm believer that the only way you can perfect your craft is if you work on it.

While I enjoy writing and I am super thankful that I get a chance to write every single day as my job, I often find myself suffering from writer’s block because I write so much.

Suffering from writer’s block could be stressful especially in the midst of many deadlines but you can survive it and overcome it and here’s how:

Put Your Pen Down and Read a Book

When I suffer from writer’s block the first thing I do is put my pen down and grab a good book. Reading takes me into a brand new place of creativity and also helps take my mind off of the stress of having to create on my own. Reading a book can also be therapeutic during the times you feel as if you’re nearing burnout.

Watch A Documentary

Another way I overcome writer’s block is by watching documentaries, especially educational ones. Finding time to unplug and watch a good documentary always takes my creativity flow to the next level. The more new information you can absorb, the more information you can put out.

Go On Vacation

If you can afford it, go on vacation or even just take a few days off. Sometimes when you work for yourself you forget that you still need days off. Taking time away from writing will not only refresh you but it will give you a brand new perspective once you pick up your pen and paper again.

Lighten Your Work Load

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and that is leading to your writer’s block, lighten your work load. If you work with a team of writers consider asking one of your colleagues to help you. If you don’t work with a team of writers, simply learn how to be open and transparent with your clients.

How do you avoid writer’s block? Leave your comments below

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