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Functions of Public Relations in an Organization

Every organization that you will ever encounter either has a public relations department or a communications depart whether internally or outsourced. Public Relations is often viewed as a critical component of a company’s image, branding and even success. If your organization has a strong public relations team your organization is practically guaranteed to have increased sales and brand awareness. Although Public Relation tactics are similar for every organization, the functions and key tasks of a public relations specialist can be varied. Below are just a few of the functions of Public Relations in an organization:

Public Image Strategy

Public relations strategists typically work with top executives in order to craft a visual image of how a company desires to be perceived by the public. This could include focusing in on proper messaging, and then determining the outlines of a campaign in order to disseminate that message.

Outreach Events

Public relations professionals often work with brands to help set up events or even partner with other organizations in order to increase brand awareness. For example: if you own a carpet cleaning company a PR professional may encourage you to connect with a Breast Cancer awareness organization in order to sponsor a Breast Cancer walk event.

Media Relations

One of key function of Public Relations is media relations. PR professionals work with local and national news reporters in order to arrange interviews for press exposure.

Social Media

One relatively new function of public relations is to determine ways that you can maximize an organization’s social media presence. This includes but is not limited to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posting and engagement. It is also a great way for organizations to connect with potential customers an stock holders.an organization’s positive use of social media to build its image. Managing a Twitter feed, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel are all vital ways to connect with possible new customers or stakeholders

Handling Emergencies

Sometimes a company or organization is hit with a PR nightmare that threatens to ruin their public image. This is what we refer to as crisis communications. In terms of crisis communications it’s always better to plan for the worst before it arrives.

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