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How Much Do Freelance Writers Make Per Article

I really wish there was a way we could rename “freelancing” to something else. So many people are falsely led to believe that “freelancing” means you work for free and while some people do choose to “freelance” for free, it’s not a requirement.

If you’re reading this I’m sure you’re not reading this just to be nosey to see how much your freelance writer friends make (although if you are that person you won’t find the juicy details here) but instead you are probably reading this to figure out how to determine your own rates and quite frankly your rates are often determined based on several different things including: need, location, industry and services.

Below are just a few ways you can price out your content moving forward:

Per Word

The average nationwide price per word is about .10. If you want to price out the work you do by word find a per word fee that works not only best for you but for your client and the needs you have to fulfill in order to sustain your life.

A la Carte Services

Some writers specialize in a plethora type of content including: article writing, blog posting, copy writing etc. If you don’t want have to deal with the hassle of figuring out per word pricing have on set price for all your clients that For example: I generally charge $100.00–$150.00 for 1,000 words across the board especially when research is involved. Pricing at specific rates will take out the guess work for your clients.

Proposal Based

There are several sites such as Upwork in which your work is proposal based meaning a client will tell you exactly what they need and based off of their need you will determine how much you can do the work. You could always resort back to your a la carte service prices or you could be strategic and literally base your prices on the clients need.

What other ways have you found to be helpful when pricing your freelance work? Leave your comments below.

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