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How To Make Your First $100 as a Freelancer

Making money isn’t half as hard as people make it out to be. When I was laid off of my job back in November people came to me in sorrow wondering how my husband and I would be able to sustain on only one income but we knew what we still know now, MAKING MONEY ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE.

Literally the day after I lost my job I woke up and instantly launched my freelance writing career full time and in less than 24 hours I had my first client lined up. Yes, it was that easy.

To give full disclosure I had already been writing part time as a freelance writer so finding clients wasn’t necessarily rocket science; however, I am fully confident that had I not been a freelance writer part time I still could’ve found my first client in 24 hours.

So now I’m sure you’re wondering, how you too can find your first client and score your first $100 here’s how:


I’ve previously spoken about Adhuntr before but it really does work. It’s an easy way for writers to scan Craigslist for opportunities without having to only search within their local Craigslist search results. One great way to find available jobs on this site is to use the search string: “freelance writers” this will literally bring up every ad on Craigslist that makes an all call for freelance writers. Be cautious of scams if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.


Textbroker is another site I have spoken openly about that doesn’t pay a ton of money but could help you make your first $100. It’s a content mill so you literally have to hop on their open opportunities super fast(as in within 5minutes of posting) or you could risk losing out on this change to make money. This site could pay for a level 1 writer around 3.00 for 300 words which isn’t alot but it’s a great start especially if you have $0 in the bank.

Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger has been another great way for me to find clients. It may take time for your potential clients to respond to a request you to send them on on Pro Blogger but there are lots of high paying opportunities there if you learn to seize it.

There are also a host of other ways you can make your first $100 online but these are just a few ways to get you started.

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