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Why Freelancers Fail and How You Can Avoid Becoming A Failure

Freelancing is not for everyone. I repeat freelancing is not for everyone. While this may seem like common knowledge, it’s actually not as many people give freelancing a shot every single year and then gracefully bow out within about 6 months.

Intriguingly, it’s not just the obvious reasons cause freelancers to bow out such as lack of experience or work load. There’s actually more than what meets the eye and here are just a few reasons why freelancers fail:

Lack of Organization

As a freelancer organization is EVERYTHING. It’s how you keep up with deadlines and most importantly it’s how you keep up with client workloads. If you’re not able to keep your work organized you will quickly find yourself becoming overwhelmed while also underperforming for your clients.


As much fun as freelancing can be (espeically if it’s your passion) it can be extremely stressful at times. Your multiple clients don’t know and really don’t care how many other deadlines you have to meet during a given day and so juggling multiple deadlines at once could easily lead to stress if you’re not careful.

As a freelancer learn to be honest with yourself and realistic. If you can’t get something done, say it. If you have weaknesses, share those with your clients. Lying just to win new clients will put you in a place where you’ll always have to keep lying to keep up with the workload.

Lack of Companionship

Freelancing is a very a lonely journey. Your friends and family won’t understand you and sometimes it can be downright discouraging. If you’re accustomed to making friends in the “office” in order to survive your work day you will soon find yourself burnt out because you don’t always have that luxury as a freelancer.

Failing to Think Through Expenses

As a freelancer you have to think through every single dime you spend and every dollar you make. If you’re not good at managing your finances and your expenses you will quickly find yourself in the red.

How To Avoid Failing at Freelancing

While so many people fail at freelancing you don’t have to be one of them. Learn how to practice self care, take breaks when necessary, abandon reckless spending and most of all learn how to stay organized.

What tips have you learned to help you avoid experiencing a freelance failure? Leave your comments below.

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