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How to Say No to Clients When You’d Love to Say Yes

Anyone ever have a client who was so demanding but so good to you? Or maybe that’s just me. I love my clients and I honestly refuse to take on any client that doesn’t appreciate my work or who just doesn’t mesh well with me and my work style. It’s never anything personal but as a freelancer you have to realize that not every client is meant for you. Sometimes your “dream client” could turn into a nightmare.

On those days that my demanding clients have asked for stuff that I know I can’t realistically fulfill. I’ve struggled with how to say no but I’ve also learned that you can easily say no without disappointing your client in the long run.

Not Right Now

Not right now is always my response to things that I think I can do but just not within the given time frame that my client has provided. This not only gives my client reassurance that I still care about their needs but it also keeps me from tackling on additional work that I know I can’t handle.

I Can Refer You To Someone Who Can Help You

As freelancers we all have our areas that we are really strong in and also really weak in. Know your weakness and know exactly how to say no to those weaknesses. If my clients ever ask me to do something that I know I am not gifted to do I always offer to refer them to someone else and serve as the point of contact between them and the freelancer I refer them too.

Maybe Next Time

Maybe next time is another response I give to my clients when I know I can’t get something done for them. Alluding to next time will insure that even though you can’t take on their project this particular time, you’re still available if a similar need arises in the future.

I Can Get This To You But It May Take Longer Than Expected

Here’s another safe answer you can provide to your client. If the need for their assignment is urgent you could tell them you’re willing to do it but can’t complete it as quickly as you normally would. If your client agrees, none is lost. If they don’t agree at least you have showed your client that you would still be willing to help if they needed you.

Are you like me and often struggle with saying no when you really want to say yes? What answers do you give? Leave your comments below.

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