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How to Find Credible Freelance Writing Jobs Online

As a freelance writer finding credible writing jobs online can be fun, exciting and stressful all at the same time. While there is always content online that needs to be written, the biggest struggle often comes when trying to find the best way to get some of these online writing jobs.

When I first began my freelance writing career (and even sometimes now) I spent a lot of my time writing for content mills. While I did make money doing this, I was never able to make more than a few bucks here and there because content mills require so much work for little pay.

As I began to search around the internet and tried to figure out the best freelance jobs available online I was able to locate several gems that I hope will help you take your freelance writing career to the next level.

Ask Your Network of Freelance Writing Skills

Some freelancers look at one another as competition while other freelancers look at each other as community, non competing freelancers at the ones I tend to engage with the most. These people are willing to share resources with you on the best places to find work. Many of these freelancers can be found on social media or perhaps working for many of the same publications you write for.


I am a firm believer that Linkedin can change your life as a freelance writer. There are always a plethora of individuals and businesses on Linkedin looking to hire freelancers on a project by project basis. It not only saves them money as a company but it gives you a way to connect with prominent business leaders on a one on one level that eliminates the middle man, most commonly known as HR.


I absolutely love Pro Blogger for several reasons. It is a great place to find freelance resources and it’s also a great place to find freelance writing jobs, specifically ones that are ongoing. As a freelance writer I hate having to send in an application for a job and Pro Blogger eliminates that by giving you the opportunity to submit jobs directly to companies via email. What’s also great is that Pro Blogger has a vetting process so not everyone gets a chance to post on their site making scammers practically impossible here.

Go Directly To Your Favorite Publication and Pitch

A few weeks ago I published an article about how to write a pitch that wins bylines and here is the prime time to use it. If you read an online publication every day you KNOW it’s credible. Use the tools that I equipped you with and pitch those editors. The pay can vary from site to site and so does the timeline in which you will get paid but as long as you stick to the list, you know you’ll be compensated fairly for any publication you pitch.

Know any other great ways to find online writing jobs online? Post it in my comments.

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