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3 Ways You Can Use Freelance Writing To Attract New Clients

When I first started freelance writing I felt entitled and I am not ashamed to admit it. I felt as a recent graduate, my degree should have GUARANTEED I would get paid by several publications to do freelance writing, wrong. Now that I am older (and wiser)I am now realizing that writing for free wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

My free writing has helped me increase my number of clients and here’s how:

Know What Publications Your Target Audience is Reading and Pitch To Become A Voice There

If you know your target audience/clients are reading INC or Entrepreneur every day, don’t waste your time writing for Fortune (especially if you aren’t getting paid to write there) . While Fortune is an amazing platform, if your audience isn’t there why waste your time? Instead, hone in on some of the amazing platforms that your target audience is based on and work to take your article output to another level. Not only will your writing get you in front of your target audience/client but it may prompt that individual to hire you once they are able to see your influence and reach.

Write Stories That Provoke Discussion

We live in a society and a world where everyone has opinion and now has a platform to express that opinion (even if you have a social media following of 1). Because of this we as as writers have a platform where we can easily drive the social media discussion in the direction of our work. One of the greatest ways I have been able to attract clients is by writing stories that provoke discussion such as this one I wrote for Huffington Post last year. This article not only increased my clientele but helped me secure speaking opportunities and podcast interviews.

Always Deliver Before Deadlines

One of the biggest compliments I often get from various publications that I work with is my quick turnaround time. While I do move quickly when writing stories I am often very careful that I don’t jeopardize the quality while trying to do so. Never wait until the day of a deadline to turn a story in to an editor, deliver before schedule. Not only will the editor appreciate you for being prompt but they’ll be more likely to reach out to you later on other projects that are time sensitive. Not to mention other editors take note of these things too.

What other ways have you seen your freelance writing help you attact new clients? Leave your comments below.

Want to learn more about my freelance journey? Follow me on Twitter. Want to work with me or want to learn more on how you can protect yourself from online identity theft? Send me a message. If you’re an African American Woman who creates amazing content I’ve created a platform to connect you with businesses who are looking to hire women of color. If you just enjoy reading: make sure you comment and recommend.

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