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How to Get Your First Writing Job

Earlier this week I shared my tips with you on “How to Start Freelance Writing With “No Experience” and if you haven’t already landed your first writing job I want to share with you on how to get your first writing job, okay now wait for it……HIRE YOURSELF.

Now I know this is probably not what many of you may have expected when you first clicked on this article but it really is true. The blogging and writing fields are BILLION dollar industries which means there’s money to be made and alot of that money can been generated by you before anyone else cares who you are as a writer.

Take this platform, Medium for example. If there is currently a topic you are passionate about and or that you feel that you can offer some expertise on, write about it here. Writing on platforms such as medium could position you in front of HUGE audiences that could be easily monetized especially if you are familiar with affiliate marketing techniques or if you’re making sure you ALWAYS link back to your own personal websites you can begin making some much needed passive income almost immediately, it’s all about strategy.

So if you’re getting discouraged on this freelance writing journey(welcome to the club, it’ll get better!) go ahead and HIRE YOURSELF, you’ll be so glad you did.

Want to learn more about my freelance journey? Follow me on Twitter. Want to work with me or want to learn more on how you can protect yourself from online identity theft? Send me a message. If you’re an African American Woman who creates amazing content I’ve created a platform to connect you with businesses who are looking to hire women of color. If you just enjoy reading: make sure you comment and recommend.

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