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How to Write a Freelance Proposal That Wins Clients

If you’ve been freelance writing for any length of time (including if you’re just getting started) you have probably seen that many sites ask that you write a proposal. While a proposal may seem overwhelming to anyone who’s not accustomed to “pitching” themselves a freelance writing proposal doesn’t have to be. In fact, over the last few months the best part about freelance writing to me has become the proposal process because it forces me to reflect on my strengths, weaknesses and wins as a writer.

If you’ve found your “dream” freelance writing opportunity and just need a little extra guidance on how to write a proposal that wins clients here are just a few tips to help you get started:

Stand Out

Think about your competition and or anyone else who may be applying for the same contract you are applying for, now ask yourself: how am I different. Once you can explain to a client why you’re different from every freelancer applying for their job, you’ve already increased the standard.

Provide Results

Nobody wants to only hear about the work you’ve done, most people want to know what resulted from the work you did. If you increased traffic, share that. If your piece was shared 10 million times, share that. If your piece led to other larger opportunties outside of the website, share that too. The more you show and prove you are results driven the better your image appears to the one hiring you.

Give A Link To Your Online Portfolio

I can tell you all day long about how great of a writer I was for Huffington Post but if I never show you the aritcles I actually wrote for Huffington Post, it never happened. Seriously, many hiring managers want to see the work you’ve done and become intimately aquainted with you as a writer BEFORE they hire you. Don’t make them have to dig through google for you, give them what they need in the proposal.

Tell Them What You’re Going To Offer and Why They Need You

If you can write an article and insure a 10% increase in traffic, say that. Make the potential client intrigued by the results you will provide. When you make promises rather big or small to a client it shows that you take them seriously and that you genuinely want to see them win. This is often where many freelancers miss the mark. They promise great content but nothing else. Great content is only great if someone else sees it.

Want to learn more about my freelance journey? Follow me on Twitter. Want to work with me or want to learn more on how you can protect yourself from online identity theft? Send me a message. If you’re an African American Woman who creates amazing content I’ve created a platform to connect you with businesses who are looking to hire women of color. If you just enjoy reading: make sure you comment and recommend.

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