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How To Make Money Using Your Voice as a Freelancer

Much like my earlier post about making money using video you can also make money using your voice.

Spend all day talking on the phone?

Spend even longer on Instagram,Facebook Live or Periscope?

Are you making money doing any of those?

It’s time to start getting paid using your voice.

Once again, if you head on over to Fiverr you will see that voice overs are one of the top selling gigs on the site.

If you’re not familar with voiceovers, it’s really not as hard as you think.

Do you have a phone with a voice recorder? If yes, you can be getting paid to do voiceovers. All you have to do is begin accepting gigs and your clients will provide you with a script and your job is to simply read it in the tone your client asks you too.

Sound relatively easy?

It is.

Want to learn more about my strategies on how to generate more income as a freelancer? Check out my free e-guide here.

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