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How To Overcome Freelance Adversity Over The Holidays

Photo Via: #WOCinTech

All this week I have been sharing my story about identity theft as a freelance writer and I continue to be amazed at the response I have received. While not many people have experienced identity theft as a freelance writer during the holiday season like I have, many freelancers have experienced adversity during the holidays. While many people across the country enjoy week long vactions away from work during the holidays many freelancer writers are working harder than ever to produce content for various clients because news and information never stops.

This constant schedule of all work and little time for play can be overwhelming especially for new freelancers who have not yet figured out work life balance.

The holiday season can also be a stressful time financially for freelancers especially if clients are on vacation and are unable to pay as quickly as they would outside of the holiday season.

Whatever the case may be as a freelancer, you’re not alone and you can and will overcome what could be viewed as a holiday season rut and here’s how:

Stay Positive

One of the greatest ways you can overcome any negative moments in your life is to remain positive. Positive and negative energy can not live in the same space so the more positive you are the less room you have for negativity.

Take Breaks (Lots of Them)

Deadlines are inevitable and in many cases non-negotiable but at the end of the day as a freelancer if you can’t take care of yourself, you’ll never be able to take care of your client. Take breaks when necessary. Breathe and don’t let the stress overwhelm you.

Surround Yourself With A Support System

I often get alot of my encouragement from other writers who literally do the same thing I do every single day. Having a support system in the freelance journey is super important not only when you’re down but when you’re celebrating wins. Use the holidays to check in on your other fellow freelancers and if you have heard about new opportunities, share those with them too.

Feed Your Mind and Spirit

When I’m feeling depleted the first place I always go to is my bible. It is the place where I am reminded of God’s word and promises for my life.

Perhaps you’re not the bible reading type but you do enjoy yoga, exercising or listening to relaxing music. Whatever it is that you need to do to feed your mind and spirt, just do it.

Whatever adversity you’re being faced with as a writer, be reminded you are not alone.

Want to learn more about my freelance journey? Follow me on Twitter. Want to work with me on creating killer content? Send me an email. If you’re an African American Woman who creates amazing content I’ve created a platform to connect you with businesses who are looking to hire women of color. If you just enjoy reading or have additonal tips to share: make sure you comment and recommend.

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