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How To Pay Your Bills When Your Freelance Check is Late

It’s the first of the month and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably experienced the stress of not receiving a check on time more than you would like to admit. Because of this you are suddenly forced to go into survival mode and quite frankly there’s absolutely nothing glamorous about barely surviving.

So often many of our friends and family members assume that because we are freelancers we’re constantly floating in dollar bills when quite frankly sometimes the opposite is true thanks to late or non paying clients. Late payments can be the devil. Late payments not only put a financial strain on you but late payments even put a strain on your creative juices. There’s nothing more demotivating than working as a creative and having to wait on a check.

If you’ve been there before(or are there right now) here are just a few ways you can pay your bills when your freelance check is late:

Negotiate Payment Arrangements

Before you begin to freak out, take a deep breath and just open your mouth. Seriously. If you know you’re going to be late paying your bills go ahead adn talk to your bill collectors and see if they can give you an extension. For example, if you know you’re going to be late on rent tell your landlord as soon as you know and give them a date in which you will be able to pay it. Most landlords understand that things happen and if you’re honest with them in many cases they will be willing to help.

Ask For A Month Free From Your Car Payment

A few months ago I was waiting for a client of mine to pay me a check that was well overdue and at the same time my car payment was due. I had no iddea what I was going to do and feared that I may lose my car. Instead of panicking I quickly called my car loan company(which happened to be Capital One) and asked if they would give me a month free from my car payment because I had fallen on hard times and surprisingly they said yes.

Ask For a Loan From Friends/Family

I hate asking my friends and family for money and when I talk to other frelancers they all seem to be able to relate. If your odds are really stacked against you, ask for a loan from your friends or family and give them a time frame for which you can pay them back. If you feel that asking for a loan from people you know may make things tricky, ignore this advice. Everyone’s family/friend situation is different right?

Reach out To Your Local Church

Most churches(even if you’re not a member)have a fund specifically for those people in the community who are in need. If you are in desperate need of money contact the local churches in your area and ask if they can help you out. Most will need to see a bill to know what they are paying for; however, it’s a painless process.

Need other ideas on how you can pay your bills when your freelance check is late? Check out needhelppayingbills.com

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